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Oreo Ornaments

Ahh, who doesn't love Oreos? This fun treat is PERFECT for Christmas dessert. or just a fun little snack to have out while you have guests over. This is super easy, simple, and quick to put together!

What supplies/ingredients do I need?

What's super awesome about this treat, is that it doesn't take many ingredients. You will need Oreos, personally, I love the double stuff, but any kind works great!

The next thing that you will need is white chocolate. You can either use white chocolate or white chocolate chips! To melt the chocolate a little bit easier, you will also need some coconut oil.

To "decorate" your ornaments you can use really anything that you'd like to. I used some sprinkles for a little pop of color and topped my ornament with a Hershey Kiss to the holder. Another thing that you could use is a mini Peanut Butter Cup.

You will also need some parchment paper to lay the Oreos on.

How do I do it?

You will start by melting your white chocolate with a spoonful of coconut oil. I do it in 30-second intervals until melted. You can then dye your chocolate red or green. I decided to keep mine white and decorate them with Christmas sprinkles. Once you've melted your chocolate you will dip each side in the chocolate, then set it on a piece of parchment paper. Add on your Hershey Kiss (or mini PB cup) to represent the hanger of the ornament. Add your decorations and then place in the fridge until the chocolate is hardened!

Watch a video tutorial here!

If you try this, be sure to tag me on Instagram @faithbrackett_

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