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Self-Care In The Hospital From A CHD Patient

Self Care in any situation throughout your life is so important, but as a CHD patient, I believe that self-care during your hospital stay is ESSENTIAL!

While in the hospital, it can sometimes be hard to take a moment for yourself, but throughout my life, I have found that these small things make the WORLD of difference in my day and mindset.

Fuzzy Slippers! (With Treads)

Slippers are a MUST! Hospitals are very cold and when it is time to get up and walk, it is nice to have a big fuzzy pair of slippers to keep your feet warm. It is also very helpful when they have treads on the bottom so that you don't slide when you walk. I will link my favorite pair here!

(Source: Amazon)


Button Up Nightgown!

After surgery, it is so nice to be able to get out of those hospital gowns and into something that is comfy from home. However, it is difficult to bring your hands up over your head and leave room for the wires and chest tubes. I have found that button-up nightgowns are the best! It allows you to easily slip your arms in and button the front. The gaps in between the buttons also leave room for your wires and chest tubes to come out. Here is a link to a button-up nightie!

(Source: Lands' End)



While in the hospital, you don't often feel up to doing much, but at the same time, you want to try to find ways to keep yourself busy and your mind off what is going on. Something that I love to do with my family is play board games, specifically card games! A personal favorite of mine is Phase 10!

(Source: Target)



One of my biggest forms of self-care in or out of the hospital is curling up in a cozy blanket and just relaxing. When in the hospital, it is so important to be able to be cozy and comfortable while recovering in your hospital bed. Bringing a cozy blanket from home will make your hospital bed feel a little more comfortable. Linked is my FAVORITE blanket.

(Source: Vera Bradley)


Room Decor!

Many hospital rooms have very little/no decor. When I was younger, something that I loved to do was decorate my hospital room to make it feel a little more "home-y." I would bring photos of my family, animals, and friends back home and put them up in my room. I would also bring posters of my favorite actors/movies. (Linked is the Frozen poster). The last thing that I loved to bring was a special stuffed animal. Growing up, I remember that I had 2 favorites, my bunny, Louise, and my dog, Katie. (I still have both to this day).

(Source: Amazon)


Hair Tip!

If you are someone who has long hair, I have found that it is a LIFESAVER to put your hair in 2 French Braids before surgery. The tighter that you can make the braids the better. When laying in a hospital bed for an extended period of time this hairstyle is not only comfortable to lay on, but it also prevents your hair from getting EXTREMELY tangled when it comes time to shower and brush your hair.

(Source: Pinterest)


One thing that I also loved to do was to connect with the hospital's Child Life Specialists/Social Workers and see what programs that the hospital offered. For example, during my stays at Boston Children's, they had both a therapy dog program as well as Clown Care. There are so many different forms of self-care, but these are things that I found the most helpful when staying in the hospital, and you just have to do what makes you feel the best during your stay.

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