• Faith Brackett

Going to school with CHD

Going through my life and the different stages of school, my family and I adopted what we like to call: PPC





Before any new situation, we gathered as much info as possible, and then we compiled a list outlining what is necessary, what is important to me, and what is not important.

From there, we looked at my physical limitations at the time and from there planned accordingly.

We practiced our plan and communicated frequently about what was working/wasn't. Growing up, I was always part of that plan.

A few examples of accommodations I had throughout my schooling career:

In preschool, I had a wheelchair to go long distances ( i.e school to the playground). This left me little energy to play with my friends.

In middle/high school, I had a set of textbooks in the classroom and a set of textbooks at home so that I didn't have to carry them back and forth between school and home.

In college, I would drive from class to class and would leave all of my textbooks in my car, switching them out in between classes.

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