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Full Glam Makeup Routine

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

As a pageant girl, one thing that I have a little bit of experience with is a good full glam moment! Whether you need it for stage, headshots, appearances, or just some Instagram content. While I do my best and can get it to look decent for an appearance or IG photo, I personally haven't quite mastered the technique of applying the makeup, but my sister is quite the artist (she did the makeup in this photo)! The photo below by Amanda Upton Photography.

I have also worked with some of the best in the pageant industry, Team Flawless, who have an array of incredible products and methods that are great! I use quite a few of the products from their line in my glam routine. Makeup by Ally of Team Flawless in the below photo.

Product List (all used in photo #1)

1. Primer (clear)

Every good makeup look starts with a good base! I use this Team Flawless Primer. With just one pump the product easily glides over your face. This product retails for $34.

This Estee Lauder foundation is arguably one of the BEST full coverage foundations I've ever used. It doesn't take much before your skin has the perfect, well, foundation for your makeup. This product retails for $43.

Probably one of the most affordable products in this routine is this Makeup Revolution concealer. One of the biggest things that I struggle with is dark circles, and let me tell you, this product covers them and brightens them for photos. It retails for $10.

Back to Team Flawless, this mineral powder is great for baking as well as giving that extra boost of brightness. It retails for $25.

Your all-in-one go-to of contour, blush, highlight, and various eyeshadows to create the perfect look, this palate is truly the all-in-one. It features magnetic bottoms that each product clicks into the box for easy storage! This product retails for $99.

Another affordable product in this routine is the Morphe Eyebrow Pencil. Simple, classic, and the product lasts forever! This retails for $6.

I'm not super picky when it comes to eyebrow gel, but one I have used in the past is the benefit one! That one retails for $14.

Almost finished, and ready to lock it into place! This spray retails for $30.

9. Lashes

The perfect lash for stage and photos! Retails for $5 and are reusable!

10. Mascara

With mascara, honestly, I'm not very picky, just need it to be waterproof. I have several that I cycle through, but the Maybelline one linked retails for $11.49.

11. Lips

Last but not least, is the lips. This is a combo of products that make the most beautiful look! First is liner, which is a combo of Cameo and Honey. Each retail for $15. Then for the gloss, the color Embrace is beautiful! The gloss retails for $18.

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