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Everyday Makeup Routine

As a pageant girl, one thing that I have a little bit of experience is a quick and easy makeup. Whether you need it for some Instagram content, Zoom Meeting, or just everyday life. Below is a quick video tutorial / GRWM of this routine.

Product List

This BB Cream is one of the BEST I've ever used. It does a great job of making your skin tone even while still being pretty light coverage This product retails for $8.99

Probably one of the most affordable products in this routine is this Makeup Revolution concealer. One of the biggest things that I struggle with is dark circles, and let me tell you, this product covers them and brightens them for photos. It retails for $10.

Team Flawless is one of my FAVORITE brands, this mineral powder is great for baking as well as giving that extra boost of brightness. It retails for $25.

This bronzer has been my favorite since college. Gives a great bronze without being too much if you know what I mean. Also... it smells like summer. That's truly the only way I can explain the smell and once you smell this, you'll totally know what I am talking about. Such a great product! This product retails for $15.99.

5. Blush

This blush is great. Gives a good bright, but natural color. That one retails for $20.

6. Eyes

I have always been a sucker for a good pink eye look. I got a Naked Palette YEARS ago for Christmas and it had the best colors for a super natural look! This palette retails for $54.

Another affordable product in this routine is the L'Oreal Eyebrow Pencil. Simple, classic, and the product lasts forever! This retails for $9.49.

With mascara, honestly, I'm not very picky, just need it to be waterproof. I have several that I cycle through, but the Maybelline one linked retails for $11.49.

9. Lips

Last but not least, is the lips. This is a combo of products that make the most beautiful look! First is ink, which retails for $10.79. Then for the gloss, the plumping gloss is great! The gloss retails for $14.

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